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Plated Dinner Service Includes:

It is a basic rule.

The more formal the event, the more appropriate a served meal is for the occasion. If guests are expected to wear jackets, ties, and cocktail or evening gowns, the expectation will be for the dinner to be a table service meal. However rules are made to be broken and any guest will always enjoy being served and waited on no matter the occasion. 

Your guest will be seated as our staff provides and serves a pre prepared dish including their choice of entrée. 

this type of service allows for easier conversation between guests, and it maintains consistent serve times for each individual.  This option also allows other aspects of the event to revolve around those serving times, from toasts to speeches to special dances. Plated meals also eliminate wait times and the need to meander through a maze of tables and chairs while carrying plates and glasses. 


Cost is $3.00 additional per guest.

Plated Dining Service